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productname: Latest led bulbs T10 COB 1.5W Led width Clearance lamp light

product name: Latest led bulbs T10 COB 1.5W  Led width Clearance  lamp light



1ot = 2pcs X T10 COB 1.5W  Led width Clearance  lamp light in static bag

 T10 COB 1.5W  Led width Clearance  lamp lights pecification:
   1.Power: 1.5W
   2.Socket Type: T10
   3.Working Voltage: DC 12V
   4.Color Temperature: White
   5.Led Quantity: 1pcs COB Chip
   6..100% Brand new & high quality.
   7.Long service life, more than 50,000 hours.
   8.Adopts non-polarity design concept,easy to install.
   9.Apply to: dashboard light, side or licence plate lights, etc.
  10.Easy to use, low power consumption(less than 10% of standard halogen bulbs).

T10 COB 1.5W  Led width Clearance  lamp light advantage:
   1.Super spread wide angle 180 degrees! Variety of installation applications.
   2.It is suitable for room lamp, instrument panel lighting, courtesy lamp, position  ball!
   3.Special structure of the entire surface luminescence, compared to older, more light.
   4.Wide range of uses, T10 ultra compact design, can be installed in all applicable areas.
   5.Energy-saving design, power consumption is an old-style one-tenth, environmental protection.
   6.In could suitable for general model automatic lighting that is used is applied to all types of vehicles.





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