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productname: Normal ballast 35W/55W


100% waterproof, weatherproof and shockproof! The best performance guarantee product quality!  
100% plug and play, installed in 15 minutes,
100% of the CPU electronic ballast!

Input voltage range :9-16V
Standard input voltage: 12V
Startup Current: 6.5A
Normal Operating Current: 3.2A
Constant power output: 35W
Operating temperature: -40 degrees to +105 degrees
Open circuit protection: open circuit 0.5 seconds after the automatic protection
Short-circuit protection: Short circuit 0.5 seconds after the automatic protection

Low-voltage lighting:> 8.5V
low-voltage protection: <7.5V
High-voltage lighting: <17V
high-voltage protection:> 16V

The products are mainly parts and components imported international brands (IR, ST); line with the CPU chip control, separation of high and low voltage circuit design, stability very good.




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