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productname: Slim kit H7

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High intensity Discharge (HID) lamp
Our company main type: H1, H3, H4(9003),H7, H8,H9, H10(9145), H11, H13, 9004(9007), 9005(HB3), 9006(HB4), 880/881, D2S/R/C, D1S,D3S,H3C, H4/L, H4/H, H4(Hi/Lo),and H4 Bixenon.
Our bulb temperature is :3000K,4300K,6000K,8000K,10000K,12000K,and Blue, Purple, Golden yellow, Pink
Hid xenon set power: 35 W and 55W.
Hid xenon set lifetime: 3000 hours

1. slim ballast it is less weight
2. Fully compatible with original halogen system
3. Generally used in BMW, Benz, Audi and other Euro Cars
4. 3 times brighter and 6 times longer life than halogen bulb
5. Shock and water-resistant design, short-circuit and open-circuit protection
6. Wider and clear vision in bad weather such as heavy rain or fog
7. Exact and comfortable color temperature and high luminous with 3, 200lm




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