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productname: special car door light for BMW

2013 NEW !special car door light for BMW,plug and play led logo light for BMW,special car led logo light for BMW, BMW led logo light special,5W CREE special LED logo light ,plug and play special car door light for BMW AUDI,VW,no need drilling or wiring.
Easy installation, plug and play


How to install plug and play special car led logo light door welcome light for AUDI BMW into the car?
Installing laser Logo light is as easy as follows:
1. No need of removing the car door cover;
2. No need of drilling in the bottom of the car door;
3. Pry the orignal car door lamps by a screwdriver, and then replace them by the ghost shadow lights;
4. The power connectors are exactly the same as the orignal ones, so there's no need of changing any of the original car lines;
5. With directional socket, in case of burning equipment or lines by opposite connection.
6W bridgelux led chip , this new led logo light only for BMW

special car plug and play led logo light and specal car door welcome light can offer other models, BMW,MINI BMW,AUDI,VW,CADILLAC,PORSCHE,BUICK,LAND ROVER,LEXUS




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