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productname: T10 bulb holder

LED T10 socket,T10 bulb holder, T10 lamp holder

LED T10 W5W Plug-in Light Bulb Extension Socket Holder 

Can use this T10 led bulb holder to light all T10 led bulb to do testing

T10 bulb holder / T10 lamp holder Specifications/Special Features

Made of raw hard plastic  materials

Insulating and good performance


Shape has close molecular structure

Surface is smooth and fine

Can resist high external effort and shake strength

Looks generous and esthetic, but also the mechanical intensity is improved by a large margin, it is difficult to split to break to pieces

Adapts international standard

Easy DIY installation, No mechanic required,

Fits on OEM/LED/ SMD bulb socket for maximum power output

ForT10 bulb holder / T10 lamp holder  Bulbs = 194 = T10 / W5W





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