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Job Category:english speaking salesman
Workplace:Foshan              Minimum academic:Undergraduate
Experience:1-3 year             The nature of work:Full
Number of recruits:1-3          Job salary:Negotiable
Job Description
1、Responsible for analyzing customer needs, maintaining customer relationships, the task to complete the sale.
2、Is responsible for all sales and contract management of the implementation of the tracking.
3、Products in the market about the company's application, and receive a timely response to customer status, response to quality issues and be follow-up treatment.
4、Is responsible for market research and analysis and make reasonable suggestions and so on.
5、East and South China is responsible for product sales and develop new customers.
Job requirements
1、Professional Open, English 4 above, English speaking ability is good;
2、Dignified appearance, language, strong communication skills;
3、Can adapt to long-term travel of life.

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